How to make the most out of a soy wax candle

So you have finally found your signature scent and want to fill your home with the beautiful notes of you new scented candle… but its oh so precious and you don’t want to waste it like you did your last candle ?

Follow our ultimate guide to soy candle care and you’ll never waste another candle again!


Keep it cool

Keep your candle in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat ( radiators, warm appliances)

Soy wax has a lower melting point so higher temperatures can soften in causing the fragrance to 'sweat' on top - essentially ‘sweating’ out all the good stuff.


Trim the wick

Trim your wick before every burn!! We can't stress this on enough. Trimming your wick ensures a steady flame which not only helps your candle to burn better but is also super important for safety. Forgetting to trim your wick may result in flame growing too high, burning hotter and burning away all the scent too quickly. It can also lead to black soot which can set on the container and other objects around it. A large flame may also heat the jar too much and cause it to crack or even shatter! For that perfect, slow and beautiful burn trim your wick to around 3-4mm before each and every single burn.


soy candle care, how to make the most out of a soy candle 

Give it time

Allow for a full melt pool. Soy wax has memory so allow your candle to burn for at least 2 hours or until all of the wax on top in melted ( but NEVER for more than 4 hours, safety first! )  The first burn is especially crucial. Leaving a lot of unmelted wax around the wick can cause it to tunnel and only melt the initial melt pool - wasting all the remaining wax.

 Clean it out

So you have burned your candle to perfection and wonder what do to with the leftover wax at the bottom? Simply fill the jar with hot water and let all the wax gather and cool on top. This way you can easily pop out the leftover wax and re-use the jar for storage or decoration.

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